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MBBS in Russia is an extremely popular and highly rated destination among Indian students who want to pursue MBBS abroad. There are substantial and concrete reasons why medical aspirants are bidding their effort highly for MBBS registration 2021. The quality of medical education in topmost MBBS colleges and universities in Russia is phenomenal.  The Government of Russia provides subsidized medical education and tuition fees for Indian students which cost 2 to 3 times lesser than private medical colleges in India. Students and parents looking to hit the bull’s eye to study MBBS in Russia must keep in mind that out of the top 100 medical universities across the globe, 30 belong to Russia. These statements signify various promising advantages and remarkable medical education offered by NMC recognized medical universities in Russia.

There are several medical universities in Russia serving in the field of medical education more than 200 years ago. Russia has a rich legacy in the advanced and scientific education system. It has produced many eminent and world-class scientists, doctors, and medical professors in the past and the tradition is still in progress. Moreover, studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students is cheaper because the cost of MBBS programs in medical universities in Russia is reasonably low and campus accommodation with well-furnished amenities is readily available for Indian students. These are reasons why many Indian students preferred doing MBBS courses from Russian Universities. Every year more than 5000 Indian medical aspirants fly to Russia in the pursuit of their dream to become world-class doctors.

Study MBBS in Russia – Grab Your Seat Through An Authorized Admission Partner

Doctors-IEA Insight: Trust only on appointed or official representative for MBBS in Russia registration 2021 in Russian medical universities. Doctors-IEA is an authorized and official representative for many NMC recognized medical universities in Russia. Parents and students can check our contact number on respective universities’ official websites. We are always there to serve aspirants getting admission to the top medical university of their choice. We are committed to offering hassle-free admission with complete transparency.

Recognition of Medical Universities in Russia

Students and parents should know that Russian universities are globally reputed and recognized. Thus, MBBS admission is sought by many international students including a bulk of Indian students every year. Many prestigious medical council and organizations have approved and accredited Russian medical Universities such as:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education Russia
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)
  • International Hospital Federation
  • Medical Council of Canada
  • Ministry of Health Russian Federation
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    Doctors-IEA Insight: Students and parents should be aware of both sides of the coin – top medical universities and the worst ones. Knowing the top medical universities and ignoring worthless universities is essential to make the right decision. Doctors-IEA will steer you towards the best MBBS option as we have years of experience in this field and being trustworthy and official representatives of the popular medical universities in Russia.

    • Important Note for Students and Parents

    Due to a large influx of students for MBBS in Russia, many middlemen or so-called agents are offering admission assistant in Russia. However, they are neither the official partner nor have direct contact with the medical universities. Thus, to attract students many agents promote the “Subsidized Fees” scheme in which they ask you to pay 6 years fees for MBBS in Russia altogether.

    They make you feel as if you do not pay the fees altogether you would not be able to qualify for “Subsidized Fees” for MBBS in NMC recognized medical university you have chosen in Russia.

    The Doctors-IEA Team for the welfare of students and parents would like to warn and intimate that do not get trap in such fraud or fake scheme as there is no such compulsion or system that prevails in NMC recognized medical universities in Russia. Students are always asked by the university to fees yearly. Moreover, many universities have provisions for EMI or installment to pay MBBS fees. Under such circumstances, if you pay fees to the agent, it will be an irreversible blunder. The agent will keep the amount of the fees and you would be in unprecedented trouble when they do not pay fees in the university you have chosen to study MBBS in Russia on your behalf.

    • Unparalleled Contribution of Doctors-IEA Team for MBBS abroad

    Over the year, the number of medical aspirants looking for foreign destinations is increasing every year considerably, the task of selecting the best medical university having an international reputation, NMC and WHO recognition, and providing top-class education is getting more and more challenging and cumbersome. At this crucial juncture, the contribution and support of the Doctors-IEA team become massively valuable. We do not only help students to apply for the MBBS course in the top medical university in Russia at the right time and before the deadline but we also empower you with all the true information on how to get admission to this university or other top medical university in Russia. We believe in quality advice, transparent service, and a lifetime relationship with students and parents. Our team of experts and qualified academic consultant imparts true guidance for MBBS admission in Russia.

    • Professional Approach and Legitimate Information

    We are the official representative and direct admission partner of all the NMC approved Medical Universities in Russia mentioned on our website.  We have our official representative present in all the medical universities. Due to the bulk of experience in overseas admission, we are truly able to guide you to the admission procedure thoroughly. We are the only one who you can bank upon for MBBS in Russia as we can lead your career towards a bright future. We are trusted by thousands of medical aspirants from India who with the help of our legitimate information and professional approach could get enrolled in the top medical universities in Russia.

    • Complete Satisfaction

    Students and parents can directly contact us at our Delhi office (Head Office) as well as branches all over India. Our overseas educational advisors and experts will provide face-to-face counseling and provide all relevant information and the name of top-grade universities you should prefer. We make sure all your queries and apprehensions are solved in the most appropriate manner so that you are empowered with adequate knowledge and information that will help you make the right decision to get admission to the Medical University of your choice.

    Advantages of Choosing MBBS in Russia through Doctors-IEA

    • The Official representative and authorized admission partner of many Medical, Federal and Technical universities of the Russian Federation.
    • Students and parents can check and see our contact number on the university’s official website for their satisfaction.
    • Get direct admission to the best medical university of your choice in Russia.
    • All information under one roof, from selecting a university to getting admission.
    • Authentic information guaranteed.
    • Never hides any facts and truths, reveal all information with sheer transparency.
    • Trusted by parents and students across the country.
    • 100% admission placement record so far.
    • Provide 100% assurance for direct admission, including visa and travel arrangements.
    • Excellent student-parents community and support system for students.
    • Opportunity to connect with students already pursuing MBBS in top Russian universities.
    • True commitment, 100% transparent policy.
    • Reliable advice to select the right university, avail scholarships, and get the loan application.
    • The Doctors-IEA team takes full responsibility for the work involved right from pre-admission till arrival in the university and settles down conveniently.
    • Even students can contact our official representative present in the university whenever they are in need.
    • We never let you feel alone and isolated in Russia.
    • Continuous support and assistance until the completion of the course in Russia.
    • Doctors-IEA is a frontline choice of students in India because of our sheer reliability and honesty.
    • Minimum charges and fees with no hidden cost.

    What Doctors-IEA Team Do For You?

    • Online application form submission for admission.
    • Receiving university invitation letter on student’s behalf.
    • Provide 100% assurance and assistance for a visa.
    • Meeting with the Embassy of the Russian Federation.
    • Flight arrangement from Delhi to Moscow or to a particular city.
    • Receiving students at Moscow Airport.
    • Pre-departure briefing and tips and guidance for comfortable settlement for MBBS in Russia.
    • Procuring appropriate hostel or accommodation arrangements in Russia.
    • Providing all sorts of assistance to students to settle down in Russia.
    • Arrangement of food/mess for Indian students.
    • Assistance after admission whenever you needed.

    For a free consultancy contact us or visit our head office in Delhi and branches all over India. You will find us a true companion and a trustworthy representative for admission to the MBBS program in Russia.

    Welcome to study MBBS in Russia

    Few Words About Russia – The largest Country in the World

    Russia is the largest country in the world by land and area. The country is extended in 17.1 million sq. km area which is almost 1/8th area of the earth. It is also known as the Russian Federation which came into existence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union (SFSR). The territory of Russia occupies the East of Europe and the North of Asia. Moscow, the capital of Russia, and St. Petersburg (also known as Northern Capital) are the two major and largest cities of the country. Due to the large expansion of its territory, the country has a variety of climate changes from very dry summer to chilling winter with heavy snowfalls. The country is covered with 13 seas, thousands of rivers, and millions of lakes. Interestingly, it has 11 time zones. It shares boundaries with many prominent countries such as China, Finland, Mongolia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

    There are many tourist attractions such as Moscow Kremlin, Hermitage Museum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Trans-Siberian Railways, Kizhi Island, Suzdal, Mount Elbrus, Lake Baikal, Valley Geysers, etc. Russia is the land of exotic and beautiful cities that attract tourists from all over the world such as Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.

    Preparation for NEXT/FMGE Screening Test

    All the top medical universities in Russia facilitate students for NEXT/FMGE screening preparation in Russia along with the MBBS course. Right from the first-year students are provided true mentorship and coaching to pass the NEXT/FMGE screening test in India which is going to be implemented from 2022. NEXT examination, which is formerly known as FMGE/MCI screening test, is a mandatory step to clear for all foreign medical graduates if they want to practice a medical career in India. The purpose of this examination is to take an in-depth assessment of medical students’ knowledge, skill, values, and attitude in their real-life practices during patient-driven approaches and scenarios.

    There are many sparkling and positive benefits of doing MBBS from Russian medical universities. The advantage of study MBBS in Russia grab the attention of thousands of Indian and international students and compel them to pursue MBBS from this country.

    Subsidized Education:  Students and parents should know that the top Government of Russian Medical Universities in Russia is reasonably low because medical education in Russia is generously subsidized by the Government by 60%. As a result, the fees to study MBBS in Russia for Indian students become three times cheaper than private medical colleges in India.

    Study MBBS at NMC and WHO recognized medical universities: Education is power so much so that it can take life or bless life. A highly qualified doctor can save the lives of people suffering from various diseases and ailments.  Hence the selection of the best medical university abroad where top-grade MBBS education is offered becomes extremely crucial. Russia offered plenty of opportunities to do MBBS from renowned and world-class medical universities that are recognized by international organizations like WHO, NMC, ECFMG, EUA, etc.

    Medical and health care facility for Indian students:  The biggest advantage to study MBBS in Russia is that all top medical universities in Russia are committed to providing high-quality medical and healthcare facilities within the campus. If any students fall ill, the administration takes care of him/her and provides the best healthcare assistance available at the university’s polyclinic and hospital. All medical and rehabilitation centers are well-furnished with state of an art healthcare facilities. Students go through the annual health check-up as well. Medical insurance is provided to all international students. The cost of medical insurance may vary from university to university.

    English Medium: The medium of instruction in many NMC recognized medical is English which is extremely suitable for international students including Indians. The Russian language is also taught to students allow them to learn the local language and dialect as well. Teaching and training for the English-medium MBBS course is provided by professors highly experienced and expert in teaching foreign universities

    Here the notable thing for parents and students is that agents who are neither authorized representative not have direct access to admission procedure, often shows tuition fees for Russian taught MBBS program. The fees for such a program are lesser than an English medium course. Hence you should be very careful about this. If you have any doubt regarding this, you are requested to get in touch with the authorized education consultant of the university for free counseling to understand everything about MBBS in Russia.

    Direct Admission for Indian or International Students: The major drawback of the Indian education system is that candidates who cannot make it into the merit list after appearing in the entrance exam have very limited options left for them. They have to either wait for another year or choose MBBS abroad. The best thing is that Indian students do not have to go through the entrance examination in some universities & some universities are taking the normal entrance exams for Chemistry, Biology, or English to get admission to Government Medical Universities in Russia. Admission in medical courses is offered to international and Indian students on a first-come, first-serve basis till the last seat is grabbed.

    Quality benchmark: Sans doubt, Russian medical universities have set a quality benchmark in the education industry. It also consistently focuses on technically upgraded classrooms and advanced scientific labs. For this reason, the medical university in Russia is on boom like never before, attracting medical aspirants from all over the world.

    Low Cost: Russia is an affordable place for MBBS courses. The education is subsidized by the Russian Government. Hence the cost of MBBS in Russia is comparatively cheaper and low as compared to India and other parts of the world including the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The cost of an English-taught MBBS course normally ranges between $4000-8000$ yearly depending on the university. Hence to study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is preferably better than paying a huge donation in India.

    Hostel & Accommodation option for Indian students: A hostel facility is available for international students. The hostel buildings and rooms are well-furnished with all modern and essential amenities such as room-heater, water, electricity, laundry, bedsheet, table, and more. The hostel building contains double-bedded and triple-bedded arrangements. Common Kitchen is also provided for those who want to relish the taste of their own cooked food. Moreover, many restaurants and cafeterias are also available at a nearby distance. Food of all kinds including Indian, European, Chinese, Malaysian, and more food are readily available.

    Students can also avail of a rented apartment in Russia, nevertheless, it is recommended to seek a campus hostel for the initial years until students do not get familiar with the local language and environment. There is a separate arrangement for boys and girls. Hostel buildings and university campuses are quite safe and secure for both girls and boys. All modern safety arrangements are duly applied in universities to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for medical education. Doctors-IEA representatives will also help students to find suitable accommodation in Russia.

    The MBBS duration in Russia is 6 years for English medium and 7 years for Russian medium. 

    Some other reasons to study MBBS in Russia include:

    • A highly popular destination for Indian and international students.
    • A renowned hub for top-ranked medical universities and technical universities.
    • Direct admission in the MBBS course.
    • Low-cost MBBS fees.
    • Hostels are within the campus or located at a short distance from the university.
    • Provision of a separate hostel for boys and girls.
    • Students have lots of options after getting an MBBS degree from Russia.
    • No IELTS/TOEFL required.
    • The bulk of Indian students already studying MBBS in various top medical universities.
    • Degree recognized worldwide.
    • More than 50 NMC recognized medical universities in Russia.
    • Students can follow the postgraduate program after MBBS in Russia.
    • Easy admission procedure.
    • Students can prepare for FMGE/PLAB/USMLE during their MBBS study.
    • Indian food and restaurant are available.

    There is a smooth and transparent admission procedure for study MBBS in Russia which is explained step by step below:

    Step 1: Application Form

    • Fill in the application form online. Fill all the mandatory fields carefully to escape rejection.
    • Upload all the relevant scanned documents such as:
    1. Notarized translation of document supporting identity and citizenship proof (Passport).
    2. All educational documents and certificates with notarized translation (legalization of documents, if necessary).
    3. Consent letter to the processing of personal data of the candidate.

    Step 2: Approval of Application

    The university authority will notify the candidate about the approval of the application after the review of the online application form and document. It may take 6-8 working days.

    Step 3: University Invitation

    The invitation letter is sent to those candidates who are approved and selected after the review of the online admission application. (Doctors-IEA officials will take care of all the documentation)

    Step 4: Visa Process

    Once the invitation letter and visa invitation are issued (by the university officials), the Student has to complete the following documents for a student visa. Documents that will be required for the visa process include:

    • Passport (minimum validity – 18 months).
    • Original invitation letter.
    • Original 12th certificate or mark sheet.
    • 8 passport size photo.
    • Medical certificate issued by a reputed private clinic with a blood report of HIV specimen attached.
    • Original Signed authority letter for visa collection.
    • Minor Affidavit on Rs10 stamp paper from parents if the students are below 18 years.
    • Photocopy of the ID of parents.

    Step 5: Arrival in Russia

    • Candidate should fill migration card on arrival to the Russian Federation at the airport after which you will receive a stamp at the Border Control service desk.
    • This stamp will signify your entry into Russian Federation.
    • One of the representatives from Doctors-IEA will receive the student at the airport and help in outdoing further formalities.

    Step 6: University Formalities    

    • Once you arrive at the university, you need to go to the Department of visa support and migration registration room at the university and should submit the migration card to the university officials which is the legitimate proof of your entry into the Russian Federation. (Doctors-IEA official representative of the particular university will take care of all the documentation process personally)
    • Indian students must submit their documents for registration to the Dean’s office for international students within 3 working days of arrival in Russia.
    • Students will have a thorough medical check-up as well.

    Step 7: Agreement and Payment

    Students will have to follow an agreement for education to become legitimate students. They are also supposed to clear all undue payments. (University and the student only)

    Eligibility for MBBS Admission in Russia

    • The candidate must attain 17 years of age on or before 31 December of the year in which the admission is sought.
    • The candidate must have completed Higher Secondary School (12th) from a reputed board. Students must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. (Some universities requires 60-70% marks per each subject i.e English, Chemistry and Biology)
    • NEET Scorecard with qualifying percentage.

    List of Document Required

    • 12th & 10th mark sheet and certificate.
    • Official invitation letter from the university.
    • NEET scorecard.
    • A Valid Passport with 18 months minimum validity.
    • Valid visa.
    • First-year tuition fee’s bank receipt.
    • HIV test document (negative test results).
    • Migration card.
    • 20 passport-size photos.
    • Embassy legalization of all documents. 
    • All documents must be authorized from the Ministry of HRD & External Affairs, New Delhi

    All documents should be legalized and translated into Russian with translation to be certified by the notary. (passport & secondary school certificate)

    Doctors-IEA’s Role and Function in Getting MBBS Direct Admission in Russia: Being an official and authorized representative for NMC recognized University for medical education in Russia we owe the responsibility to offer complete assistance and solution for your admission to Top Russian Medical Universities. Call for more details about the university, admission, processing, fees at MBBS in Russia: +91-7428212236, 7428203118, 8010503035

    • Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students), +79515174507 (International Students)
    • Students or parents can write to us on WhatsApp also: +917428212236, +79515174507
    • For students/parents inquiries:,
    • For business inquiries:
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