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MBBS in Belarus: Belarus is proving to be a paradise for medical aspirants who want to Study MBBS in Belarus. Medical degree from Belarus Medical Universities is recognized worldwide. Hundreds of graduates are working in India and overseas after their completion of course. MBBS in Belarus is becoming one of the notable choices for pursuing medical courses across students from different countries.

If you want to study MBBS in Belarus then you need to know which of the universities is a good choice for you. Belarus is a good option for medical students or Indian students who wish to join MBBS abroad, due to its low University fees and cost of living. Study MBBS in Belarus cost is very low as compared to other countries. All the medical universities in Belarus are dully recognized by the ministry of education and health of Belarus, world health organization, medical council of India. From the last 6-8 years, the country has seen a surge in the number of Indian students coming to study MBBS in Belarus. Every year hundreds of Indian students graduate from popular Belarus medical colleges. Indian students completing their MBBS in Belarus medical universities don’t face a problem while appearing for the screening test, because universities keep up to date with the syllabus of the MCI exam and they prepare Indians students right from the first year of the course itself up to last year. A high-quality education in low tuition fees with lots of hands-on experience in the clinical field is the main attraction of aspiring students to study MBBS in Belarus. Nowadays, Belarus is a good and selective destination for Indian students.

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    A landlocked country in Eastern Europe is known for its Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications, and primeval forests. In the modern capital, Minsk, the monumental KGB Headquarters loom over Independence Square, while the Museum of the Great Patriotic War commemorates the country’s role in WWII. The capital is also home to many churches, including the neo-Romanesque Church of Saints Simon and Helena. Currency: Belarusian Ruble.

    Why Belarus?
    The Republic of Belarus is located in the Eastern part of Europe. In the West, it borders on Poland, North-West Lithuania, in North Latvia, in the North East & East Russia, in South Ukraine. The Capital city of Belarus is Minsk, which is the biggest political, Economic, Scientific, and cultural center of the country. The people of Belarus are very kind and friendly.

    Duration of Studying MBBS in Belarus:

    • Studying MBBS in Belarus duration is 6 years for English Medium and 7 years for Russian Medium.
    • Five years for BDS, Five years for Pharmacy, 2/3 years for Post-graduation.

    Fee Structure for MBBS in Belarus: The average cost for Study MBBS in Belarus will be under 4000-5800 USD annually. Students can pay his/her tuition fees direct to the university account.

    Intake for MBBS in Belarus: May-September month every year.

    Call for more details about admission, processing, fees at MBBS in Belarus:

    +91-7428212236, 7428203118

    Why go through Doctors-IEA for study MBBS in Belarus:

    • We are working with the top medical universities in Belarus. Our team has the full experience to provide professional consulting services for students who plan to study MBBS in Belarus. We have close contacts and regular visits to all Medical Universities which we are promoting.
    • Team Doctors-IEA is equipped with updated course information, application requirements, and procedures. Our staffs are fully ready to handle student applications effectively and efficiently. 
    • We sincerely care for our student’s future and are committed to providing reliable information and keeping to our promise. 
    • Doctors-IEA is well recognized for its reliability. For its professional service and teams of experienced staff in the representative offices, Doctors-IEA is highly regarded within the industry by Universities, parents, and students alike.
    • Doctors-IEA Team is the representative of Top Universities of Belarus.

    Leading Medical Universities to Learn MBBS in Belarus – MCI Approved Universities 

    • Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University
    • Gomel State Medical University
    • Belarusian State Medical University
    • Grodno state medical university.
    1. Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is one of the largest and most distinguished medical establishments of higher education in Belarus with more than 7200 students from 43 countries. Established in 1934, VSMU is famous for its quality of medical education. The quality management system of the university meets the international ISO 9001 standards. Main material facilities of VSMU are 6 academic buildings; 15 clinical sites; 8 hostels, 3 canteens, medical library; Sport gyms, stadium, health and fitness centers; Scientific laboratory and vivarium; University hotel complex; VSMU-owned clinic, dental clinic; Educational-manufacturing drug store; Practical skills and medical simulation learning center; Center of Transfer of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies.
    2. Gomel State Medical University (GSMU): The pride of any university – Talented students and its main asset, of course, successful graduate. When it comes to the history of GSMU has its origin in 1990 and now it’s the second-largest university. GSMU has 5 faculties and more than 4000 students and among them more than 1000 international students. There are over 370 highly qualified professors. GSMU has 36 departments, 23 affiliated clinics, and five training buildings with modern practical skill laboratories and research laboratories. They offer their degrees in a fully English medium and also offer comfortable hostels for their students.
    3. Belarusian State Medical University as a leading higher medical educational institution in the Republic of Belarus has deserved international prestige and recognition for the quality of its teaching and research. Its history dates back to 1921 when a Medical Faculty was created on the basis of Belarusian State University. In 1930 the Faculty was reorganized into Minsk Medical Institute
    4. Grodno State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in the Republic of Belarus. Diplomas of our University are recognized by the World Health Organization, Educational commission for foreign medical graduates, by the medical councils of India, Lithuania, the USA. The graduates of our University successfully confirm their diplomas in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Poland, Syria, the USA, and in many other countries. In 2010 Grodno State Medical University became the first medical institution of higher education in the Republic of Belarus, which implemented and certified the ISO 9001 Quality Management System corresponding to the National Quality Management System and to the German Quality Management System.


    1. No Entrance test required, direct admission.   Study MBBS in Belarus
    2. Quality education at a low cost.
    3. MCI recognized Medical Universities in Belarus follow global teaching standards.
    4. English as a teaching language.
    5. WHO & NMC approved university.
    6. High-quality faculty.
    7. No donation required.
    8. Living cost is low in Belarus.
    9. Indian food is available.


    In order to get a legal and hassle-free admission for MBBS in  Belarus in NMC recognized Government Universities, students need to furnish essential documents such as:

    • Duly filled application form of the university. 
    • Marksheet of class 10th and 12th.
    • A valid passport with a minimum of two years duration.
    • A copy of admission or an offer letter from the university.
    • Visa support letter from the concerned university or college.
    • School leaving certificate.
    • The NEET scorecard.
    • Twenty copies of passport size photo.
    • Birth certificate
    • Health checkup certificate.
    • University fee guarantee letter from parents.


    • STEP-1: Call or Visit Doctors-IEA Team, representative of Medical studies in Belarus.
    • STEP-2: Properly fill the online application form at our website: www.thedoctorsiea.in
    • STEP-3: After filling the online application form, the candidate will receive an offer letter from the university.
    • STEP-4: Pay processing fees and then submit all essential documents required to get admission in NMC recognized medical colleges in Belarus.
    • STEP-5: After receiving processing fees and original documents, the Doctors-IEA team will apply for an invitation letter and visa documentation.
    • STEP-6: After getting the Visa, the Doctors-IEA team will arrange tickets and all a proper set of documents to fly for a particular university with a group of students and their representatives.

    Frequently Asked Questions | For MBBS in Belarus| Study MBBS Abroad

    How much does MBBS cost in Belarus?

    Study MBBS in Belarus is one of the top choices for  Indian students aspiring for medical education abroad. The main reason behind that all medical universities/academies in Belarus are recognized by the NMC and the cost of doing MBBS in Belarus is quite affordable and low as compared to other Western countries and India as well. Though the cost of MBBS in Belarus may vary as per the universities. However, the average cost may range from 12 lacs to 18 lacs.

    Is NEET required for MBBS in Belarus?

    Yes, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is made mandatory for students willing to pursue MBBS from Belarus or any other country. The NMC has also made it quite clear that the NEET exam is essential for those aspirants who want to study medicine from abroad. Hence the first and foremost step to secure a seat for MBBS in Belarus is to sit for NEET and qualify it. Once you clear it, based on your NEET score you can choose any medical university in Belarus for MBBS.  Belarus is one of the hotspots for Indian students.

    What is the duration of study MBBS (Medicine) in Belarus?

    The duration for MBBS in Belarus for Indian students is for five years (English Medium). It eliminates one year of internship that must be accomplished in India. Indian students are not compelled to undergo one year of preparatory course before they start the main medical course. Each year is divided into 2 semesters which makes it a total of 12 semesters. Each semester for four-five months. The first semester begins in September and concludes in January.

    Is Study MBBS in Belarus safe for Indian Students?

    Unfortunately not every medical aspirant’s dream to become an MBBS doctor in India does not turn into reality. Hence thousands of Indian aspirants choose to study MBBS in Belarus or other countries. However, the first concern for both parents and students is safety and security. Belarus is quite safe for Indian students who wish to do their medical course from NMC and WHO approved medical college and university. The crime rate is considerably low and there is no discrimination whatsoever with Indian students on the campus as well. So, Belarus is just not safe but the best destination for MBBS abroad for Indian students by all means.

    Is it a good choice to go to Belarus for MBBS?

    Nowadays Belarus is a dream choice for many students in India who want to do MBBS from abroad. There are several factors that make Belarus a wise and advantageous option such as:

    • Direct admission, no entrance exam needed for Indian students.
    • You will get the opportunity to study at an NMC recognized and WHO approved medical university.
    • You need not pay any donation for admission as it is purely based on the 12th certificate from the Medical stream and NEET qualification.
    • The fees are quite affordable and low as compared to many Western and Indian medical colleges.
    • Hassle-free and online admission procedure. All work will be done in 20-25 days.

    Is an MBBS degree from Belarus valid in India?

    Yes, the MBBS degree from Belarus is absolutely valid and acceptable in India. The Belarus medical universities are authorized and approved by WHO and UNESCO as well as by NMC. The degree is well-recognized and valid in different countries of the world as well. However, if you want to practice in India you must pass the NMC screening exam to get the license. It is mandatory for those students who have acquired their degrees from abroad to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) to pursue a job or medical practice in India.

    Is there any preparation for FMGE Exam (NMC) in Belarus Universities?

    As a representative of Belarus Medical Universities, we put all the information quite vividly for both students and parents. Students pursuing MBBS Abroad in Belarus to appear and clear the NMC screening test in order to get a license for practicing the medical profession in India. It is mandatory for all foreign return Medical graduates. The students can apply for FMGE registration when they come back to India after the completion of the MBBS course abroad. It is held in December and June (Twice a year). The student has to obtain 150 marks out of 300, there is no negative marking in the FMGE exam (NMC). In Belarus Maximum all universities provide online coaching for the NMC screening exam and visiting professors from India throughout the year. All the topics are properly explained in a detailed manner. It offers a great helping hand to students.

    Call for more details about university, admission, processing, fees at MBBS in Belarus:

    Doctors-IEA Team: +91-7428212236, 7428203118 | Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students)
    Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also: +917428212236, (India), +79515174507 (Russia)