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Kazan State Medical University – The Best University for MBBS in Russia

As per the trend in the last decade or two, Russian Universities have emerged as the top destination for MBBS aspirants. However, not all universities are equally ranked when it comes to the standard and quality of education they impart to the students. Hence ticking the right option is imperative. As a medical aspirant, if you are looking for a reliable and leading medical university in Russia, then betting on Kazan Medical State University (KSMU) will be an excellent choice whatsoever. It is one of the trusted and oldest names in the history of universities in Russia

The number of Indian students who applied for MBBS in KSMU is quite phenomenal. Of course, there are several factors such as the opportunity to get exposure at a global level, searching assured medical career, fierce competition in India, and so on. When the number is so big, it also becomes quintessential that they have the right information and guidance about how to apply and take admission in KSMU. This is where Doctors-IEA (Doctors Ideal Educational Advisors) team will be of utmost importance because we are the official representative of Kazan State Medical University, Russia. We are in this field for years and know the ins and out of every step you require to get through in your journey to get admission in MBBS at KSMU. Undoubtedly, it can be the best university where you can achieve your goal at an affordable price without compromising the quality of medical education.

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    About Kazan State Medical University

    Undoubtedly, Kazan State Medical University is one of the most popular and leading universities for medical education. It is contemplated as one of the top universities of Russia. It is a multifunctional and multi-leveled government institution for higher learning in medicine that comes under the System of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Health in Russia. It is immensely appreciated for its core values and integrated medical education. It is located in the central part of Kazan city. There are 9 faculties and 65 medicine departments in this university. It has more than 5500 medical students including interns and clinical residents.

    KSMU is the 3rd rank university among the top 10 list of Russian medical universities. The Kazan state medical university country ranking is 124 (As per Indian Embassy listed in top 5 Medical Universities of Russia). Moreover, the international ranking of this university is also appreciable. It has more than 200 years of experience in medical education as it was established in 1814 and truly an international university in Russia. Kazan State Medical University’s official website provides ample information to the students seeking admission in medical education courses and programs. The only intake or the admission process in KSMU follows from June to October.

    The university offers world-class medical education to students who come from more than 57 countries in the world including India. The Kazan State Medical University admission is near about 40-45 percent. The selection policy of KSMU is based on the entrance examination and students’ past academic records and grades. KSMU imparts an array of academic and non-academic services and facilities that may include the Kazan State Medical University hostel, library, sports amenities, and administrative services as well as study abroad and exchange programs.

    Sophisticated Infrastructure

    The infrastructure of KSMU is quite excellent. The entire campus is remarkably maintained and truly equipped with modern and advanced instruments as well as laboratory machinery. The state-of-the-art infrastructure draws the attention of many foreign students. Hence seeking admission to KSMU is highly beneficial for students’ careers because not only in bestow world-class medical education but also recognized approved by WHO, NMC of India, ECFMG, and European Council.

    KazanSMU – Quick Fact check

    Name of the University Kazan State Medical University
    Location Kazan City, Russia
    Popular Name/Abbrev. KSMU, KGMU, KazanSMU, KazanGMU
    Institute Type Government
    Year of Establishment 1804
    Number of Faculty 8
    Medium of Instruction English/Russian
    NEET Required Yes, It is Required & Mandatory
    Courses Offered General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Biochemistry
    Cost of Living 80-120 US Dollar
    Minimum percentage required 65 % in English, Chemistry & Biology (per each subject)
    IELTS/TOEFL Not Required
    Processing Time for MBBS Admission 25-35 days Approx.
    Fees for MBBS 5050 USD/ (approx)Each Year
    Duration of MBBS 6 Years 
    University Recognition WHO, NMC of India Approved
    Total Number of Students 9000 including 3000+ international Students
    University Ranking Country Ranking – 124 (Sources: 4icu.org)
    World Ranking – 3358 (Sources: 4icu.org)
    Official Website www.kazangmu.ru
    Category Medical Colleges in Russia
    Contact Official Representative Doctors-IEA, website:- www.doctorsiea.in, www.studymbbsinkazan.com

    Degree & Faculty at KSMU

    KSMU degree is widely acknowledged and accepted around the globe. It offers medical courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degree comprises bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees.

    The Faculty at KSMU that is the part of the Academic Structure is given below:

    • Faculty of General Medicine
    • Faculty of Dentistry
    • Faculty of Pharmacy
    • Faculty of Pediatrics
    • Faculty of Preventive Medicine
    • Faculty of Medical Biochemistry
    • Preparatory Faculty

    Kazan State Medical University ranking

    If you are the one who focuses and emphasizes too much on ranking then you will be glad to know that Kazan State medical University’s ranking is quite encouraging and appreciable. The world ranking for KSMU is 3358 in the 4icu world university ranking. However, the current Kazan State medical University country ranking is 124. As per the Indian embassy top 5.

    Key Statistics of KSMU

    KSMU is Co-education University where both male and female can apply for admission in medical education. The student ratio of males to females is 64:36. Moreover, the number of FTE students is as high as around 5500. As far as the number of international students is concerned, it is almost 19% which makes it 5:1 which extremely good. The university has more than 1500 hundred staff which turns out to be 7.4 no. of staff per student. Such statistics speak both the volume and balance between staff, administration, and students which quite favorable and healthy for a successful institution. For this reason only, Kazan State Medical University’s reviews are quite excellent.

    Duration of MBBS study in KSMU

    The duration of completing MBBS in KSMU is 6 years for English medium students. Dentistry & Pharmacy: 5 years.

    Accreditation and Approval of Kazan State Medical University

    KSMU is duly recognized and approved by several eminent medical bodies that may include as such below:

    • World Health Organization (WHO)
    • National Medical Commission of India (NMC)
    • The Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
    • Ministry of Health & Education of the Russian Federation
    • General Medical Council (GMC)

    Remarkable milestones of KSMU, Kazan

    • 5th November (according to the old calendar) 1804 Emperor Alexander I declares in his royal command to establish a University in the city of Kazan.
    • 14th of May (2nd of May according to the old calendar) 1814, Establishment of the «Department of Doctoral or Medical sciences» of Kazan University.
    • 1837, The Anatomy Theatre was built.
    • 1840, The University Clinic was opened.
    • 1858, The Physiology Laboratory is launched.
    • 1893, The first editions of «The Neurology Newsletter» are published.
    • 1900, The complex of University Clinics starts functioning; the Bacteriological Institute is established on the basis of the Medical Faculty.
    • 1901, The first editions of «Kazan Medical Journal» are published.
    • 5th November 1930, the Medical Faculty of Kazan State University is reorganized into Kazan State Medical Institute.
    • 1930, Establishment of the Faculty of Prophylactic Medicine.
    • 1932, The Pediatric Faculty is created.
    • 1954, Establishment of the Dental Faculty.
    • 1975, Training at the Pharmaceutical Faculty is launched.
    • 1991, The Faculty of Social Work is established.
    • 1994, The Faculty of Management and Higher Nursing Education starts functioning.
    • 29th of April 1994, Kazan State Medical Institute is reorganized and acquires the status of Kazan State Medical University.
    • 14th May 2014, 200th Jubilee.

    What Makes KSMU the Right Place for Medical Aspirants?

    There are several factors that witness and prove the credibility of this university. Some of them are listed below:

    • It is established in 1814, after Moscow and St. Petersburg University, which makes it the third oldest in Russia. Kazan State Medical University ranking is 33rd among all Russian universities including medical and non-medical universities.
    • It is a government-funded university.
    • KSMU has been accredited with a rating of BBB+.
    • Kazan State Medical University’s fee structure is low but the quality of medical education is high.
    • It has adopted a unique teaching system that empowers graduates to acquire all required knowledge and skills in their domains.
    • Graduates from KSMU find jobs easily in the medical sector.
    • It has been offering a complete English medium course in medicine for foreign students since 2003.
    • Students studying in KSMU bring the best results in the FMGE exam.
    • Accredited by World Federation Medical Education (WFME).
    • 7 Specialty and 2 Bachelor programs.
    • More than 1500 staff imparting their service to make your career bright.
    • More than 700 foreign students study at KSMU.
    • It has more than 44 Clinical Residency & 39 Ph.D. programs.
    • The university has comprehensive academic contacts with doctors and scientists in France, Germany, the USA, Italy, Belgium, and the Czech Republic.
    • In most of the scientific conferences at KSMU, eminent professors and doctors from Canada, the USA, France, Germany delivery their valuable lectures and insight to international students.
    • The university is reckoned as one of the most acknowledged centers for science, culture, and education.

    Kazan State Medical University Hostel Facility

    Kazan State Medical University’s hostel facility is appreciable. KSMU has 6 hostels located near to the campus. The hostel provided to the international students may differ in size and facility. The rooms are available on a sharing basis. Candidates are supposed to share a room with 3 students. As far as the facilities in hostel rooms are concerned, all rooms are well-furnished, comfortable and well-heated. The kitchen and bathroom are also there with the hostel room. All 6 buildings of the hostels are well-equipped with safety and security measures.

    Food Facility for Foreign Student

    There is plenty of food available Indian taste and flavor. Some of the Indian recipes are so deliciously cooked in restaurants that they will give a home feeling. There are several restaurants in the city. Moreover, students in hostels are allowed to cook their own favorite food in the common kitchen provided by the university management.

    Weather Condition

    The weather may not be an issue in summer, however, in winter it can be challenging especially when you are not prepared. The temperature is mild and moderate during the onset of summer, but usually, summer is dry and hot here. In winter, you will experience intense cold. It can be as low as -15 degrees in winter and snowfall is very common. 

    What advantages do Students receive in KSMU?

    Pursuing MBBS in KSMU is totally a different experience for students enrolling there from India or other countries. The teachers have abundant knowledge and experience in their fields. Teachers and professors pay equal and undivided attention to each and every student. Students are allotted to the most prolific training and research program. There is a consistent approach from the administration and teaching staff to elevate your performance and progression throughout the course. For all these exceptional teaching and training Kazan State Medical University fees is very nominal because it is a government-funded institution.

    Apart from study, students are also encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities to hone up their collateral skills and personality. They can participate in activities, games, and entertainment such as tennis, basketball, swimming, skating, football, and skiing in winter. They can mix up with international students and experience dynamic thoughts, culture, and tradition. Overall, they explore and experience healthy and soothing campus life in the university.

    MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in KSMU 2021-22       

    Kazan State Medical University fees are below par as compared to the output of quality education. That is the reason why it attracts students from all over the world. Thus, it yields a great opportunity to grab the best medical education at a low price.

    Kazan State Medical University MBBS fee structure is given below:

    Fees Pattern 1st year 2nd year to 6th year Grand Total
    Tuition Fee 5050 USD 5050 USD 30,300 USD Total
    Hostel Fee Included Included
    Medical Insurance Included Included
    Food Excluded Excluded
    Total in INR Rs 3,70,000 Rs 3,70,000 Rs 22,90,000

    *Tuition fees are fixed for six years.

    *Students who will live in a private hostel or apartment fee will differ for them. 

    Doctors-IEA team would like to inform you that the exchange rate is extremely volatile and is subjected to change, in such a scenario the fees shown above may differ from the actual price due to a change in the exchange rate and other factors. Candidates are requested to check the current exchange rate before initiating the admission process.

    Admission Procedure to Study MBBS in KazanSMU, Russia in Simple Steps:

    • STEP-1: Call or Visit Doctors-IEA Team Official representative of University.
    • STEP-2: Properly fill the online application form of the Kazan State Medical University.
    • STEP-3: After filling the online application form, the candidate will receive an offer letter from the university.
    • STEP-4: Pay processing fees and then submit all essential documents required to get admission in NMC recognized medical college-Kazan state medical university.
    • STEP-5: After receiving processing fees and original documents, the Doctors-IEA team will apply for an invitation letter and visa documentation.
    • STEP-6: After getting the Visa, the Doctors-IEA team will arrange tickets and all a proper set of documents to fly for a particular university with a group of students and their representatives.

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for study MBBS at Kazan State Medical University for Indians?

    Eligibility criteria for study MBBS in KSMU are based on your 12th standard marks or grades.

    • You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the current year of admission.
    • The student must have more than 65% marks per each subject in ECB (English, Chemistry, Biology) in 12th Class.
    • NEET  (Qualified marks) is mandatory to study MBBS in KSMU.
    • Only regular students can apply not from open school.

    The admission process begins by you sending us the scanned copy of the documents listed below, for more details or free counseling consult Doctors-IEA officially authorized representative of KSMU for Indian and Foreign students.

    Documents required for study MBBS in Kazan State Medical University  (For Indian Students)

    • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter.
    • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
    • 10th, 12th Certificates, and mark-sheets.
    • 20  passport size photographs (35*45 mm @80% face at the matte finish paper with a white background.
    • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.

    For Other Countries: 

    • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter
    • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
    • Secondary school certificate (English, Chemistry & Biology)
    • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.
    • 20 Photos (passport size 35*45 mm at the matte paper)

    We will get you the admission letter and invitation letter from the university. We will also guide you through the entire process and will complete all documentation including visa, ticket (for Indian students), For other countries aspirants, we will provide admission and invitation letter and will provide complete guidelines regarding visas, tickets. An incoming student enrolled through Doctors-IEA Team will receive by an official representative of KSMU at Moscow airport or at Kazan International Airport.

    Why Choose Doctors-IEA for Kazan State Medical University Admission?

    When you are planning to choose the best consultant for taking admission to Kazan State Medical University, you should not confuse at all by getting so many search results. The Doctors-IEA is the best in the Russian Medical Universities admissions. We are the official representative of Kazan State Medical University, Russia. However, the question will arise in your mind why should you choose us and not others. Well, some of the suitable reasons are given below:

    • We are available 24x7x365 days in your service.
    • We are genuine and the direct official representative for KSMU.
    • We are in this domain for years with an excellent reputation.
    • We are having a successful and unparalleled track record so far in MBBS admission in Russia.
    • We are dedicated to transparency and honest service.
    • We will provide assistance in travel arrangements, visa renewal, accommodation, etc.
    • Our team will be with you right from the beginning till admission and beyond.
    • Our team will also assist you in getting an education loan.
    • We have a strong tie and partnership with the Russian Medical Universities.
    • We offer students and parents the most suitable advice and consultancy.

    Photo Gallery

    KSMU Official View

    Students Feedback

    Students Get Together

    Opportunity for Indian Student at KSMU in Russia

    KSMU will be a yield so many opportunities for those who are willing to obtain greater scope in MBBS. Not only the university degree is globally acknowledged but it facilitates highly-rated skills and knowledge also essential for a future doctor.  

    • Students can enroll in MBBS program through direct admission.
    • Quality of education is at par with European Universities.
    • High scope of building a well-defined medical career.
    • The deserving candidate can avail Kazan State Medical University scholarship facility.
    • International events and exchange programs extensively help students to hone their medical knowledge and skills.
    • The medium of teaching is English but the Russian language is also taught to the students of English medium in the first year.
    • Kazan State Medical University MBBS fees are quite feasible.

    The Doctors-IEA is the leading consultant for MBBS in Russia. We made the admission to KSMU easier and within your reach. We feel honored to serve you honest and transparent service. Feel free to ask or enquire about anything. You can expect the best and honest guidance from us irrespective of the decision you take regarding MBBS admission to KSMU. 

    Frequently Asked Questions for Kazan State Medical University

    Q – Why KSMU is a better option in Russia?

    KSMU is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It has more than 200 years of experience in this domain. It is the 3rd oldest university in Russia. It has 6 hospitals of its own for Clinical Training of students. More than 1000 students from India and 5000 international students are studying here. It started an English medium course in 2003. It offers an affordable hostel facility. Moreover, the teaching quality is unparalleled.

    Q – Is passing the NEET exam essential?

    Yes, the NEET scorecard is one of the mandatory requirements for getting admission to KSMU. Hence you must qualify NEET before getting enrolled in KSMU.

    Q -Is IELTS/TOEFL mandatory?

    NO, it is not required.

    Q – How is classroom teaching in KSMU?

    A large group is avoided in KSMU. The average teacher-student ratio is 1:15 or 1:20. It means you will have a group of not more than 15-20 students.

    Q – How is the library facility?

    The library is well-organized and adequately furnished with thousands of books medical books, journals, etc. which are updated regularly. There is a proper arrangement of learning space in the library. You can issue a library card for personal use also. 

    Q – What about clinical training and hospital visits? 

    The clinical training standard is among the best. Students are supposed to get more clinical exposure and frequent hospital visits in KSMU. It has its own hospitals. KSMU focuses more on the practical aspects of learning medical skills and knowledge.

    Q – What option we have as far as the food facility is concerned?

    You have all kinds of facilities available. You can eat in mess, eat in hotels and restaurants, or cook your own food. Students, who want to cook their food, can do so in the common kitchen provided by the university. If you find eating in hotels and restaurants expensive, cooking yourself will be ideal for you.

    Q – How is the climate and temperature in Kazan?

    The climate of Russia is different than India. In winters the mercury dips down to -15°C. The climate in summer is moderate to hot.

    Q – When the academic session and vacation start?

    The academic session begins in September in KSMU. There are two semesters in the academic year:

    • Autumn semester – From September to January
    • Spring Semester – From February to June
    • Vacation Period – From July & August

    Q – What are social life and the cost of living very expensive in Kazan?

    The cost of living may not be too high that high as compared to many European and Western Universities, but it is slightly higher as compared to India. If you eat, shop, and party outside, it may cost you a little higher than in India.

    NEXT/FMGE Results

    All students pursuing or completed MBBS or other medical education in Russia will have to appear and clear the NEXT exam, previously known as FMGE or MCI screening test if they want to practice in India and register with NMC of India. The good thing about students going to choose KSMU for MBBS abroad is that over the years it has produced excellent FMGE results.  

    Kazan City, Russia

    Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. It is a major industrial, commercial, and cultural center and remains the most important cultural center of the Tatar culture. It is the eighth-most populous city in Russia. Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers in European Russia. Kazan is located 793 Km east of Moscow. Kazan is a place where the East meets the West. Kazan was founded in 1005. Despite such a venerable age, the city is growing and dynamically developing in all aspects. Since April 2009, Kazan has been granted the legal right to brand itself as the third capital of Russia. In 2004, Kazan was named the best city in Russia and became the winner of the Russian public award «Russian National Olympus». With a rich history and culture, it is a host to a number of monuments. The Kazan Kremlin (citadel) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kazan is a significant educational and cultural center of Russia. Kazan is a city of Peace and Calm. Kazan is the host city for the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, and 2018 FIFA World Cup. Kazan is connected by buses, railways, river port and an international airport. The public transport system is extensively developed and is used by a large number of people for daily commuting. It consists of buses, trolleybuses, trams, and metro (subways).

    International students can take direct flights from their native country. Kazan International Airport is located in the city. (Every day flights are available, tickets are reasonable)

    Living Cost in Kazan city

    Travel Guidance

    Doctors-IEA’s Role and Function in Getting Admission in KSMU; Being an official and authorized representative for NMC recognized University for medical education in Russia we owe the responsibility to offer complete assistance and solution for your admission to Kazan State Medical University, Russia.

    Call for more details about the university, admission, processing, fees at MBBS in KSMU, Russia:

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    Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students), +79515174507 (International Students)
    Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also: +917428212236, +79515174507

    Kazan State Medical University, Russia