Advantages and disadvantages of doing MBBS in Russia MBBS in Russia

Russia offers a plethora of opportunities and advantages to those who are determined to pursue their Medical career abroad.

  • There are plenty of seats for International students as well as a sufficient doctor-patient ratio to practice medicine in Russia.
  • World-class and advanced medical education system combined with adequate infrastructure that offers impeccable and reliable practical and research-based training.
  • Among the top 100 medical universities in the world, 30 belong to Russian medical universities.
  • The cost of doing MBBS in Russia for Indian students is reasonably low and affordable as compared to private medical colleges in India.
  • The degree acquired after the completion of the MBBS course is recognized all over the world and it is accredited by the NMC of India and WHO.
  • Students are eligible to practice a medical career anywhere after clearing the medical licensing exam of the respective country.
  • English is the medium of instruction for International or Indian students.
  • Accommodation is easily available to Indian students in the form of a campus hostel or accommodation outside the campus.
  • Russia is not too expensive, hence the cost of living is quite affordable.
  • Students can do their living in $80-120  depending on their lifestyle.
  • It takes less than 5.30 hours to reach Moscow from Delhi.
  • A variety of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, European, and Continental food is also available in hostel mess. Alternatively, there is a provision students can make their own food.

Though Russia is reckoned as one of the appropriate destinations for the MBBS program, yet there are few challenges as well to negotiate while you are on your mission to achieve your MBBS degree.

  • The climate of Russia is very contrast as compared to India.
  • In winter, students have to go through severe cold conditions.
  • The temperature can be very low and even well below zero-degree.
  • Initially, students may go through homesickness, living away from home and family for a long period.
  • Students may get in contact with the indigenous diseases found in Russia.
  • They will find themselves in an entirely new culture and tradition and might feel difficult to adapt with them initially.
  • Language barrier will be another challenge to deal with.
  • The modern and glittering lifestyle may distract students from their studies and career goal.
  • Adapting to a new place, weather, culture, and new language along with focusing on studies might be difficult.

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