Admission Deadline and Intake for MBBS in Russia

To time your application for admission perfectly it is important to know about intake, deadline, and beginning of the academic session. The admission process starts by June, however, the ideal time to apply for admission is before October. The intake starts in September. It is recommended not to wait for the deadline but the best approach should be to apply as early as possible.

Doctors-IEA helps students by perfectly time their online application for admission and ensure they do not miss a deserving seat in the top medical university in Russia. It usually takes 3-5 weeks for the invitation letter to be issued by the Ministry. Moreover, based on the invitation letter from the university, the Visa will be issued by the Russian consulate in India. As the whole admission process takes time, it is advisable to approach the Doctors-IEA team early for MBBS registration 2021.

The academic year for the MBBS course consists of 2 semesters of 18 weeks each. The first semester begins in September till January and the second semester in February till June. Students can relish a vacation of 2 weeks in January and 6 weeks in July-August. Students are should reach there before 10 September.